Our Technology

GIS’ background screening services are available via a few different platforms and are accessed in a variety of ways.

Our Web-based Background Screening System

GIS’ proprietary web-based screening technology for submission and retrieval of background reports offers a single-point solution for all your screening needs plus consolidated reporting, 24/7 access and real-time status updates. This enables you to make informed decisions faster. Furthermore, this web-based solution does not require the installation of any software.  Our clients access this system directly or via an integration with an ATS, HRIS or other third-party platform.  GIS has previously integrated our background screening solutions with a wide range of third-parties in a variety of different methods (most common being standard XML – with our HR-XML Certified background screening platform).

Vendor and Contractor Screening Platform

GIS offers a web-based screening portal specifically designed for companies that utilize a network of contract employers, vendors, or franchises with employees that must be cleared for work. Our platform allows the vendor or franchises to pay for their own screening services online with a credit card while allowing the sponsors to keep track of their approved vendors and franchises and the statuses of the background checks. This provides organizations the information they need to know about their vendors, partners, or contracted employees to make the best decision.  GIS also provides a similar platform for screening other non-employee and non-vendor groups such as volunteers, students and much more!

Pangea Human Capital Solutions

GIS has a talent acquisition and onboarding solution available through our Pangea Human Capital Solutions platform.  Our primary offering is the Pangea Talent Acquisition Suite which can include our advanced applicant tracking system, hiring management, hourly and salaried hiring tools, external third-party job board posting, requisition management, configurable workflows, tax credit screening, assessments, surveys, onboarding, E-Verify, electronic form
I-9 programs and of course Pangea is available pre-integrated with our background screening services.

GIS’ background screening services are also pre-integrated in other industry specific Pangea offerings, such as our online producer contracting system (Pangea for Insurance), our healthcare professional e-recruitment and credentialing system (Pangea for Healthcare), and our retail talent acquisition solution (Pangea for Retail).

Pangea Applicant Entry Portal

For organizations that do not utilize our full Pangea Talent Acquisition Suite offering, but are looking to reduce data entry for applicant information that is needed to process background screenings. The Pangea Applicant Entry Portal (AEP) provides a streamlined solution for conducting your GIS background screening program.  The Pangea AEP is easily expandable for adding other Pangea products, such as tax credit screening, onboarding activities or our complete Pangea Talent Acquisition Suite.

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